Web Tracking

Welcome to Web Tracking for Webscenter.com

What is Web Tracking ?

    To run a successful web site, you need to know...
  • Where are your web visitors coming from?
  • What are visitors searching for?
  • How visitors browse your web site?
  • Which page visitors view and which page they ignore?
  • How long visitors spent on your web site and each page?

    Web tracking is a web site traffic analysis service. You can get the information you need, including
  • Reliable web traffic reporting, live on the web
  • Real-time traffic monitoring, 24 hours a day
  • Reporting weekly and monthly traffic, by email or web browser

    Web Tracking provides all of this information to you as well as other crucial website statistics in real time from virtually any computer connected to the Internet.

    Reports generated by Webscenter will help you to estimate the auditory of your site, also to determine the effectiveness of your advertisement and marketing steps, to advance the functionality of the site and find new ways of increasing site's popularity.


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