Why Sell to International Markets

Today there over 300 million non-English speaking Internet users and two-thirds of those Internet users live in Asia and Europe. Research shows that around 90% of the world's population live in countries where English is not the native language. It is estimated by 2004, over 80% of the worldwide online population will likely access the Internet in their native language and in terms of figure, there will be over one billion online population.

If you start to explore these huge potential non-English-speaking markets now, you will certainly get very competitive advantage over your competitors who arrive later.

How do you make use of your Website penetrate the huge untapped market? The first step is always to get a multilingual Website. Once you build up a multilingual website, you then need to promote your web site locally in these markets.

Webscenter focuses on driving Web traffic, not only in translating Websites. Of course, we can help doing the web site translation, if needed. We believe that a translated Website is worth nothing if it is not promoted. Promoting your Web site is equally important as creating it. It takes same amount of time and effort for promoting your multilingual Web site as you translated it. In order to bring qualified visitors from a certain country to your Web site, you need to repeat what you have done for promotion of your English web site all over again in the native languages.

Web translation, registration and optimization are used to drive traffic from different parts of the world to your Website and globalize your business. It brings a new dimension to your existing business, making it possible to reach overseas markets as easily as if they were next door. Webscenter is one of the few companies that focuses in building traffic from each countries to your Websites.
With our global Web optimization service, you can have having online office in every corner around the world. We will use different web marketing approaches such as index registrations, optimization for foreign keywords, building reciprocal links, sending opt-in email and exchanging banner for building traffic to your multilingual Website.
Webscenter has developed a partnership network in most of the online countries. Within our network, we have a lot of web marketing native specialists native who can help you penetrate the local Internet market.

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